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Step-by-step instruction on all types of problems used for SAT Math testing.  This in-home tutor will allow students to learn at their own pace - rewind, fast forward, and unlimited sessions.

And believe it or not we make learning math fun. SAT test scores are your child’s ticket to the best colleges in the country; don’t let their future slip through your fingers. For only $TBA you can make an unlimited investment to his or her future with Mathman Prophecies SAT Preparation.


You can send your child to an education center, rush home from work drop them off and then go back pick them up, and at a cost of up to $2,500.00.


1)Of the following, which is a good investment and can be used any time of day, multiple times, multiple children, 7 days a week,  24hrs a day, 365 days a year, and year after  year?

             a)Mathman Prophecies SAT Preparation $TBA
             b)Education/Learning Center $2,500.00
             c)Both a and b
             d)None of the above

             a)Mathman Prophecies SAT Preparation $TBA
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