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Dusan M. Naumovic
Mr. Dusan M. Naumovic earned a Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering from The University of Illinois at Chicago Engineering College in 1987. The Engineering College is perennially ranked as one of the top 50 in the USA by US News and World Report. His specific math and engineering accomplishments follow. The intention of this list is solely for the purpose of assuring our customers that they are getting the real thing:
1. At the age of 13 was offered a scholarship to attend accelerated training at Johns Hopkins University because of his outstanding performance in a Chicago math contest and his near perfect Iowa Test score in math.
2. While in 8th grade, completed Honors Algebra with an 'A' grade and a perfect score on his final exam - the first ever perfect score on a honors algebra final exam at Senn High School in Chicago.
3. Completed AP Calculus his Junior Year at Lane Tech HS in Chicago. One of only two juniors accepted into this senior level class.
4. Scored a 33 on the math section of his ACT College Entrance Examination.
5. Accepted in the Honors College, PHI ETA SIGMA, and ALPHA LAMBDA DELTA National Honors Society while attending The University of Illinois at Chicago.
6. Scored an 'A' grade in every calculus course taken at the Engineering College.
7. Made the Engineering Dean's List 4 times.
8. Has held a Virginia Beach business license for Mathman Prophecies since 2004.